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Paper Machine Section. (Single Layer)
  Wire Part.
  Press Section
  Dryer Section.
  M.G. Section.
  Pope Reel Assembly.
Paper Machine Section. (Multilayer)
  R.F. Former
  Press Section.
  Dryer Section.
  M.G. Section.
  Pope Reel Assembly.
Pulping Section.
  Belt Conveyor
  High Dencity Cleaner
  Thickner Assembly.
  Vibration Screen.
  Chest Agitator.
  S.R. Boxes.
Erection Site.
All Equipments.

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WE are manufascturer and exporters of fully automatic paper and pulp mill equipments,

DSE make commitment to continuous investment in the latest technology and total dedication to the highest standards of quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. The team compromises of highly dedicated and experienced professionals who utilize their extensive experience and the company’s considerable resources to develop the best product possible. Prompt, informative and proactive response and after-sales feature has earned for us the reputation of reliability.
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